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Our Background
Regent College was set up in 2010 by GSL Education, an education consultancy providing services to schools in the UK. The College is the vision of our Director, Kamal Ahmed, who is well known in the UK for his work in education over the last 20 years.
Originally from Bangladesh, Kamal spent his childhood in London. He worked in the UK local government education service where he served on both the front line of service delivery and within senior management settings. His varied experience enabled him to acquire a good understanding of education provision and ignited his passion for improving standards in education.
Kamal set up the Keen Students School (KSS), which for the last 20 years has been helping disadvantaged young people in deprived areas of East London reach their potential. KSS provides personal support as well as GCSE and A-level courses to young people struggling to find the extra support they need. It is because of KSS that several thousand young people who may otherwise have left school with few qualifications through a lack of motivation, encouragement and attention have gone on to complete university degrees and build successful careers.
In 2000, Kamal founded GSL Education, now a well-established company recognised in a number of countries, providing teacher recruitment solutions and other managed services to schools in London and the south-east of England. The company is committed to ethical business practices and has built strong relationships with teachers and schools based on mutual trust and confidence. GSL Education has undertaken many international projects including the recruitment and training of teachers and social workers in partnership with local governments (Local Authorities), state schools and colleges in the UK. Through the success of these programmes GSL Education has built a good reputation with universities and other government organisations in the UK and overseas including Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
In 2004, GSL Education ran a scholarship programme in partnership with the Institute of Education (part of the University of London) and a UK Education Authority. Sixteen high calibre graduates from Bangladesh who were mainly specialists in science and mathematics were trained and then employed with UK government schools as qualified teachers. The programme was very successful and some of the teachers involved have since taken up senior positions in schools throughout the UK. Others have returned to work in education in Bangladesh thereby re-investing the advanced training and skills they acquired in the UK.
This background of professional expertise and determination that all young people should have access to a top class and well rounded education led to the creation of Regent College which will begin enrolling students from April 2011.
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